Carrie: The Musical Horror 2019
– Los Angeles, CA

Horror fans rejoice. For the horror or Halloween fanatic; Carrie: The Musical Horror offers a rendition of the classic horror through lyric, song, and dance. Presented by M&W Theatre, Carrie: The Musical Horror uses a simplified platform and stage with very minimal props. (Think the infamous UCB theatre.)

This is a dark comedy production that was more entertaining through the lyrics and unexpected cussing than it was scary. Unlike many shows in a smaller theatre setting, Carrie: The Musical Horror is a little over 2 hours long; just like a large stage production. Those that have never watched the Carrie movies can still easily follow the story; we've noticed a few first timers in the crowd when we were part of the audience. There were no microphones, so we recommend getting your tickets early and sitting in the front row. It may be difficult to hear some of the lyrics when seated beyond the 2nd row.

The scenes and the moments that stole the show in our opinion was the continuous love and hate stage battle between Carrie and her mother Margaret. We really felt the emotion while the two characters battled back and forth. The two ladies were easily the best vocalists in the production and both performers offered a gripping performance: the entire audience was trying to hang on to every word and melodic syllable coming out their mouths. No amplification was needed between the two performers. The rest of the cast played their respective roles well. Each actor/character seemed to fit their supporting roles and if they didn't from the start; they sure as hell filled into them later on during the show.

For the avid horror fan that also appreciates music; this may be the show for you. We personally are fans of music and horror and things that are just a bit sadistic and dark. Carrie: The Musical Horror provides that little boost of just what we need to fulfill our Halloween and horror withdrawals. Perhaps we will see more horror genre productions during the non-Halloween season. There also is a popular joke that goes something like: “Forget Valentine's Day, I vote to turn it into a 2nd Halloween.” Perhaps here is a good start!

CAST & CREW: Lighting Design by Greg Crafts. Cast: Tianna Cohen (Carrie White), Leah Dalrymple (Margaret White), Malissa Marlow (Susan Snell), Kena Worthen (Chris Hargensen), Noah Canada (Tommy Ross), Conner Stevens (Billy Nolan), Jeanette Airen (Miss Gardener), Michael Dumas (George Dawson), Blake Kevin Dwyer (Kenny Stokes), Luke Smith (Freddy Holt), Tiffany Bobbs(Norma Watson), Bella Phillips (Frieda Jason), Audrey Fischer (Helen Shyres), and Dave Faulkner (Mr. Stephens/Reverend Bliss/Detective). Directed by Malissa Marlow. Choreography and Costume Design by Kena Worthen. Musical Direction by Mark Nilan. Based on the musical by Lawrence D. Cohen (book), Dean Pitchford (lyrics), and Michael Gore (music), and the Stephen King novel.