Glittering Lights – Las Vegas, NV

Glittering Lights is a long-standing Holiday event that is great for the family. It is a drive-thru attraction where you get to enjoy Christmas lights and displays for as long as you'd like. For non-locals that can't handle the cold weather too well like us; it was the perfect event to enjoy Holiday lights and not freeze to death at the same time.

A cool route that Glittering Lights takes you on is one that goes under the grandstands. This event is held at the Las Vegas Speedway since it has the openness and space for it. However, we did not expect to be able to drive under the stands and see the magic that unfolded. There was a neat corridor where the lights were from wall to ceiling and it created a holiday tunnel type of illusion. Furthermore, there was a station that you can tune into so you that you can enjoy holiday music while perusing through the lights.

What is awesome about the event is that attendees are charged per vehicle. Therefore, if you can pack and extra person or two, why not? There are restrooms at the front to the left, it is recommended to visit that prior to the drive since there are no stops. Overall, we thought it was cool to be able to visit a Las Vegas landmark and experience a holiday event at the same time!