Global Winter Wonderland 2018
– Las Vegas, NV

Global Winter Wonderland made its debut in Las Vegas for the 2018 Holiday Season. Conveniently located at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino; this attractions eliminates the stress of parking anxiety and parking fees since the casino is located off-strip and offers free parking. Global Winter Wonderland took over the seldom used lot near the convention/conference centers. One might think: “it's on a parking lot, how big can it be?” We were pleasantly surprised by the size of this event; as we learned that Rio had a larger parking lot than we thought existed.

If you are a fan of lights and holiday decorations; you may have seen other light or lantern festivals like we have. But chances are, you probably have never seen Global Winter Wonderland's version of a holiday lantern display. Since we are based in Southern California, we had the pleasure of attending Global Winter Wonderland 2017 in San Diego last season; we were in awe and loved what they did with lanterns. Sure we've seen lantern displays before in the shape of animals and objects; but never before have we seen giant/nearly life-sized buildings and monuments. We've never seen anything like this before.

Coming into 2018, we expected moreso the same from the past season since we figured it probably takes a lot of work to build each display. Shocked was what we were when we noticed the event just about doubled in size. It contained everything from the past season and more. This event is 4 hours. We highly recommend getting there right when it opens to allow plenty of time to see everything. This attraction was virtually an exterior art museum with themed lanterns and then some. It contained Holiday displays, famous landmarks and monuments, live performances, carnival rides/games, a food court, an Alice in Wonderland themed maze, and of course photos with Santa.

There seemed to be endless displays of objects and places that are appropriate for an all age audience. It really is Global Winter Wonderland. On top of the many photo-ops, it is a great place to just walk around and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Holidays in a city known for its neon lights. There aren't enough words to describe the displays and the work of art housed at this event; so we recommend you check out our gallery. Describing the displays in words does not do it justice.

What we love about this event is that they are open throughout the New Year and late into January. With only a limited amount of potential dates for shopping, celebrating, traveling, or spending time with family; sometimes it's hard to actually attend a Holiday function in December or the first week of January. Fortunately, Global Winter Wonderland Understands.