Horse drawn carriages are always fun and cute, but include The Headless Horseman then all of a sudden it’s frightening and spooky. The Temecula Carriage Company is offering just that for this Halloween season: “A 15 minute wagon ride experience through Wine Country Hollow. Beware! Legend has it the Headless Horseman haunts the area.”

This is a family-friendly event that is interactive and action packed. The horse drawn carriage takes you across Wine Country Hollow. You get to meet residents that live there and interact at each stop. However, not every character is savory and not every neighbor is nice. It’s not before long that people are running from The Headless Horseman and the only survival option is to duel it out with whatever weapons you have aboard the carriage. The experience is full of well-timed puns and witty jokes. The climax offered a battle with The Headless Horseman who was able to quickly maneuver and dodge our weapons, retreat and then strategically attack us again. That was some mighty fine training they put his horse through. It’s safe to say we prevailed and were saved by the youngins in our wagon!

What a great idea stemming from the creativity of proprietors’ Marika and Mark to offer such a fun seasonal event. Sure you’ve seen horse drawn carriage rides in wine country or at local Holiday events; but to incorporate the Headless Horseman is something that was not often seen or experienced, if ever in Southern California. This was an enjoyable experience, arguably more fun than a hayride experience. The seats are more comfortable and it’s a guarantee you won’t take any involuntary hay as a souvenir home with you. Fans of Sleepy Hollow can now rejoice that there is something that is most definitely geared towards them.

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For more info, visit: https://www.temeculacarriageco.com/headlesshorseman.html