The renowned cast of Rock of Ages in back! At least as vampires for the season and we don’t mind at all. As fans of vampire lore, there are simply not enough activities or events that include vampires out there. Thankfully Hollywood & Vamp is here to give people like us a fix, at least for 4 blood-curdling nights.

Hollywood & Vamp Experience

A fusion of rock opera, a vampire themed experience and storyline that starts the moment you enter the Bourbon Room; Hollywood & Vamp offers enough activity for those that are action oriented and like to explore. It is a venue where everything was basically themed for this limited run engagement. As you come up the stairs, you’ll notice a wall of missing persons which indicates something sinister could happen to you. During the pre-show, you’ll encounter 2 female vampire underlings chained to posts until they are ready to be unleashed after jawing at each other for the better part of 20 minutes. Vampire Queen – Theda Bara moves about freely and interacts with guests, possibly eyeing her next victim(s). If you’re lucky, you may hang out with a rude vampire rocker. If not, then you might encounter a rude wannabe vampire guy that's looming around.

The cocktails and drinks are themed. If you were to get the “Daywalker” like they so heavily suggest at the entrance; it puts you into the storyline itself. One of the unlucky members of the team ordered the drink and was sent to vampire Regan to receive a special ingredient. Females may receive extra attention from Regan compared to males; and the Vampire Queen may intervene. We also noticed a digitized chamber with humans dangling from the ceiling; this was their feeding grounds as we later found out after the Daywalker bit.

After all the mini interactions in this pre-show; they will signal for you to head into the back of the venue through a previously closed curtain. Once you enter the room, it’s open seating and the set up is that of a dinner theatre layout. The story continues on with a fusion of skits and musical pieces to complement them in between. It is in this room where the story would eventually make sense and everything will have a conclusion: yes including that random “rude vampire wanna be guy” from earlier.

Hollywood & Vamp Conclusion

Hollywood & Vamp combines interactive theatre, comedy and live music. It is the only opportunity this season to mingle with and see “live vampires'” in action. 88Twenty Group Production, the creators, seemed to be able to fulfill a void in the hearts of many Halloween and horror fans. We wish to see more dates in the future or more productions as such. Catch them on their remaining shows October 26 and 27 before they hibernate for the season. Use code “QUEENTHEDA” for $10 off tickets on their website.

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3 Min TEASER: hauntletmedia.com/multimedia

For More Info, Visit: http://hollywoodandvamp.com/