the l.a. haunted hayride presents:
midnight falls 2019 - Los angeles, ca

L.A. Haunted Hayride Presents: Midnight Falls 2019 – Los Angeles, CA

Embarking on it's 11th season through the trails of Griffith Park, the newly revamped L.A. Haunted Hayride superseded even the 10th Anniversary event last year. Guests can venture back to 1985 this time in the small town of Midnight Falls where it is supposedly Halloween every night.

Town Square – A scare zone with a stage that features entertainment throughout the night. Plenty of photo-ops here and live entertainment. However, the entire attraction of Midnight Falls technically qualifies as a scare zone as scare actors are seen roaming around all throughout the grounds. Patrons in the Haunted Hayride VIP express line are kept company by the Monsters of Midnight Falls either by scaring them or exchanging playful banter and stories of the old town.

Haunted Hayride – Once again delivering a thrill ride through the dark side of Griffith Park, The Haunted Hayride has a better storyline this year and is in unison with the theme of Midnight Falls. Past years had some wondering what the overall theme on the hayride was, but this year, there was no question. The Hayride itself allows you to journey further into the story of the town and meeting characters that are not roaming the grounds. Like any small haunted town, things usually don't go right if you venture off too far into the woods. What we loved was that they did not overpack the hayride this year compared to last year. This means more leg room and no legs falling asleep when you get up! As an added bonus, once you exit the hayride, you exit through the town graveyard. Beware of what lurks in the fog.

Trick Or Treat – A returning favorite yet it still fits into the Midnight Falls theme seamlessly since every small town has trick or treating as a tradition. In previous years, the trick or treater would ring the doorbells of the houses of the residents in order to get a treat...or get tricked. The major change this year is that most of the resident's of each house is out in front so it took away the experience of ringing the doorbell. Therefore, you either get a treat or get tricked while walking to the front door. Some houses still require a door bell to be rung. As proponents for short wait times, we understand why the change in having the Monster outside as opposed to waiting for the door bell to be rung; this speeds up the walk-through time dramatically and keeps the line moving. However, it is still a great walk-through as most have never seen a maze that lets you go “trick-or-treating”.

Midnight Mortuary - Ever had a creepy house in town where your parents tell you to never go to? Well, apparently so does Midnight Falls. The local funeral parlor that watches the entire town, is maybe where all the horrors started. Sure the thought of Halloween every night is fun and all...but if classic horror films ever taught us anything is that Halloween night isn't always pleasant. This dark and worn out haunted house is filled with monsters that clearly aren't friendly. Once you escape the house, you'll have to deal with the backyard and then the mortuary. As a matter of fact, to survive the night; one might have to crawl through the mortuary freezer can find another way out.

Roadkill Ranch – No it's not a steakhouse or grill for opposums or raccoons. Instead, it's a questionable ranch just outside of Midnight Falls. The ranch has a knack for collecting dead varmints and similar animals and disposing them or do they? We faced what would happen when you merge a varmint with a human body and the site was not pretty. Like the funeral march scene from Pet Sematary; prepare to face off against human bodies with non-human heads. Will you be staying for dinner?

There was also their carousel with skeletal horses and Mini Escape Games which we did not partake in. The Mini Escape Game is a $5 surcharge and your group gets 5 minutes to solve the puzzles to escape.

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Presents: Midnight Falls is tons more fun than the previous year. It is definitely worth buying the all attractions pass to see everything. However, do keep in mind that parking is limited and lines get long so one should always come early when possible especially if you are buying a General Admission pass. Aside from the lack of parking and long lines later in the evening, we loved the “Midnight Falls” concept and the immersive experience. The scary stuff starts as soon as you pass through the pumpkin arches, or in other words the moment you enter; isn't this how it should be?

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