Step right up and into the circus again. Paranormal Cirque II returns to Southern California this fall/winter season to aid in our Halloween and haunt season withdrawals. Produced by Cirque Italia, this traveling showcase offers a bit of European flair combined with a hauntingly dark and sexy performance from the just as descriptive cast.

Employing a similar skeleton as the previous season's show; Paranormal Cirque II continues to provide thrills that create screams and shrills. Still hosted by Steve and Ryan; the two supposed “YouTubers” who explore the haunted castle to hunt for ghosts, they unleash an evil that spreads throughout after inadvertently releasing a vampire. Their “R-Rated” dark comedic content keeps the event light and the audience participation high. Steve and Ryan’s bits always seemed to get the people involved and there was never a dull moment coming from them.

Now with the cirque talent, each act typically starts with a little skit to inform you of the story. They then get straight into their individual showcases and we hear a tent full of “ooos and ahhhs”. Whether it’s the sword-swallowing lady, the high flying aeralists, the Devil or angel on the wheel of death or the double-jointed twin dolls just to name a few; everything results in a positive reaction from the audience. For avid fans of horror or Halloween, this is a perfect combination of entertainment as it fuses the undead with death defying stunts and performances that may give you chills down your spine.

In conclusion, this year’s Paranormal Cirque experience was scaled back in the concessions/general lobby area in terms of talent. In the previous one we attended, we noticed performers/scare actors being around for photo-ops or just to give you a scare. However, this one had an impressive cemetery set; which presumably signals where all the undead acts surfaced from. Paranormal Cirque II will be around for the first half of December in: Thousand Oaks from 12/1-12/4 and San Diego from 12/8-12/11. Don’t blink, because this haunted circus might just disappear if you do.

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paranormal cirque 2022 - woodland hills, ca

The circus is in town…but only for a short span of time. The ghastly road production appears almost nightly with multiple showtimes on the weekends in the town of Woodland Hills, CA and then it vanishes! Luckily you can catch them at their final 2 destinations for the summer season: Redondo Beach and Thousand Oaks, CA.

This was “not-your-normal” cirque show with acrobats and tight rope walkers. Aside from the age restrictions (under 17 not admitted unless supervised with an adult 21 and over + no one under 13 admitted); this horror-themed cirque show offers a good mixture of: dark humor, slapstick comedy, death-defying acts, a sexy song and dance number, a mini scare zone and characters seemingly written uniquely for the type of performer. A few examples: the comedic chops provided by the “ghost hunters” who symbolize the clowns of the circus, the “random civilian” running from demons and ends up ironically hopping on the Wheel of Death to escape and the acrobat on a rope “levitating” as an exorcism was being performed on her. They could’ve easily dressed all the performers in ghoulish costumes and performed their stunts and tricks and that would’ve been good enough; instead they did all that plus wrote in little skits and storylines which provided a wide array of entertainment.

If you’ve read up to here, it probably sounds like a lot of things to see. Yes! The show is basically 2 hours long not counting the pre-show scare zone. However, there is a 15-minute intermission so have no fear if you’ve had too much to drink. This show is a must-see as it fills the void of not so much a freak show but a haunted circus of sorts. We can’t begin to tell you the last time we’ve seen a horror-themed or haunted cirque show if ever inside Los Angeles County. By reading just the name, one may think there are cliched acts such as demented clowns on the loose; but we can assure you that is not the case and you’ll have a pleasant experience no matter if you were expecting killer clowns or not.

In conclusion, we enjoyed the Paranormal Cirque as it adds another category of things to do for the pre-Halloween and spooky season. Not only does it fill a void with the type of experience and show it is but it also adds another horror-themed event for the west San Fernando Valley. A little FYI, parking is $5 and concessions are available on-site and everything is cash only. It did get a bit warm; but that’s a traveling circus in olden days for ya.

From the creators: Tickets can be purchased now starting at $10.00 depending on availability. Restricted – under 18 REQUIRES accompanying parent or guardian. This show has adult language and material.

Paranormal Cirque is offering a special promotion: $5.00 off any full priced ticket purchased in levels 1, 2, or 3. Use code: 5OFF.

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