Photo L.A. 2019 - Santa Monica, CA

It's officially Art season in Los Angeles. Therefore, we've seen countless unique exhibits and most people expect to see an influx of new art and galleries during this time. However, most people tend to forget about Photo LA; which is an art exhibit itself but through the lens of a camera. Located at the Barker Hanger, this year it features over 65 galleries from artists/ photographers/ renowned experts/ and connoisseurs.

We attended in hopes to search for unique art and special exhibits that are out of this world. We were able to find a few pieces that seemed “out of this world” and so unique and strange that one wouldn't expect it to be a photograph. There were quite a few pieces where we had to constantly remind ourselves that we were at a Photography event; since some of the art there looked like paintings instead. We definitely had to take a second glance at many of the photos because of the uniqueness and the fact that some looked like high quality paintings.

Much like the L.A. Art Show a week prior, Photo L.A. felt like a grand event like the aforementioned but within a niche industry of photographers and photography enthusiasts. It was a place for those that appreciate art to gather together and for artists and photographers to hang out and network as well. We enjoyed this event because it stayed true to its name. Unlike some other shows and exhibits, Photo L.A. featured only vendors that had something to do with photography.