Pirates Take Christmas 2022 review
- buena park, ca

Captain Sebastian the Black’s First Mate and his pirates are once again up to no good this Christmas season. They have returned this Holiday 2022 season to once again try to steal Christmas. Will the Captain’s First Mate be successful this year in influencing the others to go through with the plan, or will there be something to thwart his efforts? Read on to find out.

Jacob Randolph, the ship’s First Mate, once again led a mutiny to steal Christmas. Having kidnapped Santa and Mrs. Claus along with their jolly elf, Holly Berry, without the Captain’s knowledge; the Captain and his wife Treasure will somehow have to convince Jacob Randolph that he simply cannot ruin Christmas.

Of course all hell breaks loose as allegiances get destroyed and new allegiances form. Pirates battle each other through competition so that they can have their way. Will they be successful in stealing Christmas and will Sebastian the Black be overthrown as captain? Or will there be an actual Christmas miracle and savior? Guests shall find out through impressive aerial sequences, sword fights, athletic competitions and wild stunts as good is expected to trump evil this Holiday season.

If you’ve attended Pirates Take Christmas over the last few years; you may expect the same stunts and storyline. However, there were noticeable differences this year. There were new action sequences we did not recognize, there were new jokes and there was new music we do not recall listening too. Certain action sequences were modified this year to make the show go on more fluidly and to save some time; most noticeably the stunts involving audience participation which have been known to drag on a minute or two too long in the past due to audience confusion and speed. Also new for this year were more food choices. The standard rotisserie chicken and potatoes were there, but a few more options have been added for better variety. Last but not least, a Meet and Greet photo-op with Santa, Mrs. Claus and Sebastian the Black can be purchased as well.

We enjoyed this season’s Pirates Take Christmas more than the last. The cutback on certain skits that involved thinking on the audience’s part allowed them to add a new skit that allowed participating audience members on a boat and onto the water and have a real part of the action. The new changes in our opinion, keeps this show fresh and makes past attendees want to visit again every season. We recommend going early to hang out in the lobby and lounge to enjoy cocktails and do your shopping before the show; because the food is distracting enough! Paid parking is available on-site. Here’s a 20% off promo code: “Santa22”.

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Pirates take christmas 2021 review
- buena park, ca

Boy were we glad to set sail again with Pirates Dinner Adventure in Orange County! Pirates did not have their usual Vampirates show for the Halloween season, but this season’s Pirates Take Christmas Holiday show more than made up for it. With a slightly modified story that employed the same structure as previous years; this round was a bit more entertaining than the previous season.

What’s new this year was apparent the moment you step into the gift shop and bar area after your souvenir photoshoot. The lounge area with the stage was closed. Don’t worry, the bar was still open so you can procure a rum or two before the show. The pre-show that usually starts 30 minutes prior to the actual show has now been moved into the main theatre. There are pros and cons to this move. In past seasons, doing a pre-show in the smaller venue that is the lounge gave the audience an up-close-and-personal look at their assigned Pirate and team as you would be paired with them when they take you out to sea. This also gave you a front row action to some of the stunts and action. It felt exciting, the audience felt involved since they were so close and had to follow their Pirate team leader. Now with the new format, it does have a few good things. By being in your already assigned section and seat, it offers a more relaxed viewing environment. Compared to the lounge; it’s standing room only if you arrive later as seating is first-come, first-served. Your view may be more obstructed in the lounge since people can’t be spread out like in the theatre. Lastly, by having everything in the theatre, it produces a “one-long show” without any interruptions.

Another noticeable difference was in one scene, the First Mate was acting in place of Captain Sebastian the Black. This did not alter or affect the storyline. Everything else was what you would expect from previous seasons: death defying stunts, choreographed sword fights and battles, magical vocal performances and cleverly crafted comedy and supper. This really is a complete event and outing for families and couples.

Pirates Take Christmas remains a favorite attraction of ours in our book of Holiday adventures. The experience and the attraction leaves you with plenty of memories that can brighten up anybody’s Holiday season. Even someone like Scrooge may turn cheery here without the help of any ghosts.

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