Rated R: Horror SPeakeasy = Glendale, Ca

Rated R: Horror Speakeasy is a themed party for avid Horror Fans. You don’t usually see events like these anymore where a collective of Halloween and Horror enthusiasts get together and party. The event has a little bit of everything for all attendees, 21 and over of course.

Once we entered and checked in, we actually had to pass through a mini-haunt/maze to get to the Horror Speakeasy. Once you survive the monsters, you now have a few different options activities wise. You can check out the classic horror theatre while seated in comfortable pod sofas, hang out in a themed haunted living room, hang out at the bar, play the endless free play arcades, hit the vendor area, and take advantage of the various themed photo-ops there. There are also aerial bartenders that serve you alcohol at designated times. You basically get a mini-show and can get your booze at the same time.

The highlight of the evening was the monsters at the event. Just when you thought you left them back in the maze, they actually circulate and walk amongst the crowds. This provided attendees with a scare zone-like environment like the ones you would see at Halloween theme parks.

Overall, we enjoyed the flexibility of having different activities to engage in rather than just going to the bar. The bar menu had unique and frightful offerings with special drinks just for the event and weren’t priced at an arm and a leg like most places. Therefore, with all the aforementioned activities, it is a place where even non-horror fans and fiends can gather for a great time at a special event. They continue their party on the 26th of October at the Santa Monica Pier this time. Visit their site for the latest updates: www.ratedRspeakeasy.com

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