Robolights – Palm Springs, CA

Robolights is arguably the greatest Holiday light display from a private residence! At least in the way that we see it. ROBOLIGHTS is essentially a commercial production display laid out across every square inch in the exterior of a private residence in Palm Springs. This was a must-see attraction.

Situated a corner unit with lights covering EVERYTHING, this was a hard attraction to miss. Walking from the leftside to the entrance, we were in awe of the Santa Sleigh and Reindeer display created in an industrialized/roboticized version. The main entrance featured a Godzilla and Santa Claus inflatable. The attraction had clear paths for visitors to walkthrough and take tons of photos on. There were even arrows to show you where to go. However, we've got so enamored and glazed with staring at the light displays that we ignored all arrows and kept on towards whatever caught our eyes. Unlike other Holiday attractions, this one was definitely getting lost in. We found ourselves going to wrong way so we reversed the route until we found the right way. Though it may have seemed like it was a lot of work; it was totally worth it because we were able to see something at an angle and perspective that we did not notice before.

The display had a mixture of everything. As Halloween fanatics, we appreciated this display even though it was open only during the Holiday season. For those that have never seen it; it was a culmination of robots, lights, aliens, recycled props and materials, gadgets, and actual moving displays with sound and music! We had to remind ourselves constantly that this was someone's residence.

The Proprietor, Kenny Irwin, has been orchestrating art since 1986 through multiple platforms and mediums. His ideas come from within and from his dreams which are the basis of his work. For ROBOGLIGHTS, his overall goal was to share something so special and so unique that people of all ages could enjoy. ROBOLIGHTS is the product of combining “Robots” + “Lights”. Kenny says that, “The premise of the art is it's a why not world in a why world, so when people ask why? Well I say why not?” To do this and utilize mainly recycled materials, Kenny has found a way to bring joy to people's lives and at the same time be socially responsible towards the environment!

We thoroughly enjoyed this display and attraction because this robotic/alien immersed world gave us a little bit of that Halloween feeling which helped with our withdrawals. This was kind of like merging Halloween and Christmas into one holiday for us. One can easily spend a few hours there admiring every single detail, and that may not even be enough time. Kenny's future plan is to take ROBOLIGHTS to the next level and create ROBOWORLD; an amusement park dedicated to the visual arts located in a commercial location. Kenny is eager to make this a “year round destination attraction that can be experienced any time of the year that revolves around the art and wonder.” Interplanetary travel is impossible for now, but ROBOWORLD isn't.