Samskara: After Dark 2019 – Los Angeles, CA

Located in the downtown LA arts district, Wisdome LA: The World's First Fully Immersive Entertainment Art Park houses Samskara this season. Wisdome LA features 5 interactive/immersive domes that can feature art exhibitions, music performances, performing arts, and virtually any private function you can think of. Immediately, we noticed the vibe was a little of a desert-styled arts/music event mixed with the modernism and hip-artsy atmosphere of L.A.

The Samskara exhibit was completely breathtaking and wondrous. Each piece concocted by Android Jones featured layers upon layers of his craft. Known for Electromineralism and Pop-Shamanism, we not only could see that expressed through his work but we actually Felt it while inside the domes. We've all seen portraits and photos that shift and change when you look at it from a different angle. This was not one of those. This one had multiple layers and colors strategically layered. It was almost as if each degree and vantage point we looked from yielded an entirely different result. Because still photography will not show motion, we decided to include some video into our gallery below as well so you can feel what we experienced.

The 1st dome contained a hall of mirrors walkthrough where you had to find your way into the actual dome; which was decorated with a jungle theme with art surrounding you. The 2nd dome was larger and contained the majority of the art pieces. We spent the longest time here. If you go to the middle of the dome, you can see 2 deity figures facing each other; almost like they were dueling overhead. The 3rd dome contained a few interactive VR exhibits along with a merch stand. The 4th dome featured “Beyond The Wall - Immersive Think:Floyd Experience” with musicians from award winning and notable groups performing alongside members of Pink Floyd with a virtual art experience overhead. In the final dome, was a Samskara movie. This was truly art in motion, as we were able to see the Samskara story come to life. You literaly go in, lay down, look up as if you were gazing at stars.

Food vendors and a bar were available for replenishment as well as vendor booths for your festival style shopping needs. This exhibit has got to be the most interesting exhibit we've ever seen. This was a non-stop, electrifying and energetic gallery pushing the limits of creativity. Samskara reminded us that this is why artist's do what they do. This is L.A.