sawdust winter festival 2018
- laguna beach, ca

The Sawdust Winter Festival is a more whimsical and joyous version of the Sawdust Festival we've all grown to love. Once we entered the premises, our initial thought was: “This had to be by far the most decorated holiday arts/crafts festival we've ever seen!” By that account, that thought did not change as we explored the rest of the festival.

The entrance led us to the main courtyard which were full of Christmas decorations and photo-ops. An empty sleigh to the left could fit at least 5. There was also a Christmas tree and a gingerbread house for kids to go in and out of as we advanced. The long line to the right of everything was for none other than Mr. Claus of course.

The rest of the event was filled with vendors with Holiday and non-Holiday arts and crafts for sale. The entire festival was decked out in Holiday decoration and featured live music on the top deck and in the food court area. For the art-lover, this could easily be an event where you can spend a few hours at least just browsing and admiring all the artist's masterpieces.

The event is family friendly and was also located up the street from Laguna Beach. Therefore, it was definitely worth it to plan a trip there to hit both events. The art museum nearby is also a good destination. We enjoyed seeing an art festival decked out and themed such as this one, since they are so rare to find. We look forward to next season's Sawdust Winter Festival as this is something that can become a tradition.