The Vampire Circus has made it big time and out of a theme park and into a nationwide tour. We caught wind that the Vampire Circus experience was going to be in our neck of the woods in Hollywood so we knew we couldn’t afford to miss it. We first experienced the Vampire Circus 2 years ago during Halloween time. They were performing out of the Nautilus Amphitheater inside of SeaWorld for their inaugural season of their Halloween haunt titled: Howl-O-Scream. It was easily one of the highlights, if not THE highlight of the entire event. Then the next year rolled around and they had another show in its place. Therefore, to say that we were disappointed was an understatement. Skip forward to today, we were able to once again witness the Vampire Circus being unleashed again.


Located at The Montalban theater right in the middle of Hollywood, there had to be compromises due to the size of the building. The stage and audience were both reduced, but it does not water down the performance by any means. This show, though may look scary and dark, can be enjoyed by all audiences. Hosted by the ringleader, Drago who is also a clown; Drago kept the audience awake and attuned to the show with little dark comedic skits in between the circus acts. There were no explicit languages or scenes when we watched it. The only mildly violent act witness was part of a skit which involved audience participation and a lot of comedy. The circus acts themselves were sexy and captivating. These versatile vampires were surely able to keep the show running non-stop, they must’ve just drank a pint of blood because it doesn’t seem like any of them are tired out. Be them Aerialists, Acrobats, Hoopers or Jugglers; The Vampire Circus Experience puts its own flair on it that’s unseen in other circus acts especially during the Ventriloquist bit. Rather than your standard Ventriloquist performance where he/she controls dolls or figures; The Vampire Circus presents theirs in a clever way where the Ventriloquist is the one pulling the strings or rather drapes of the Aerialist. It seems as if the Ventriloquist controls the Aerialist. One of the most creative shows we’ve ever seen, we can’t imagine any living soul leaving the theater without being entertained.


Clocking in at nearly 2 hours, it just shows that you’re getting a little something extra with this performance as most shows are likely 90 minutes or less. Not too worry though; there will be an intermission of 15 minutes and it would be introduced via comedic skit. With other circus shows out there erecting from time-to-time; we feel that there is nothing like this one which had: a vampire-theme, dark comedy done in a classy way and audience participation which enhanced the show in a way that it could be in everyone’s lasting memories. Afterall, vampires live forever.

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