We descended into the darkness and entered Delusion: Valley of Hollows. As first timers at this interactive experience; we did not know what to expect though we had ideas of what it would be like. We were completely wrong and were left in awe after the experience; we barely survived. Read on further to see if you have what it takes to survive Delusion.

Valley Of Hollows is an interactive journey where you partake in the experience as a Deprogrammer; someone who is here to rescue and free people of the cult’s influence. At Valley Of Hollows, we had to infiltrate the Phillips Estate at the request of a little girl that we saved years ago. Her brother is missing and knows that the cult has something to do with it indefinitely.

A great mystery clouds the Phillips Estate with the urban legend of Esther Phillips. There seems to be an endless supply of bodies showing up at the estate, especially with the cult’s promise of something extraordinary in the afterlife. Our job was to investigate, save the girl’s brother and hopefully others along the way. All we had to do was evade the groundskeeper; who was seemingly under a spell and our only hurdle from freedom. At least, that’s what we had thought at first. We couldn’t have been more wrong about that as well. Unlike the standard haunted house or maze, Delusion takes place at an actual estate and mansion. Mostly everything you see is from the actual estate and those creaking floors are no special effect.

With characters that insert themselves into the experience then disappear and members of your team that also…vanish; it won’t just be the groundskeeper that you’ll be running or ducking from at the Phillips Estate. Will you have it in you to solve the mystery? To find that poor girl’s brother? To survive and bring everyone back alive? You may enter Delusion but there’s no guarantees of an exit.

If that wasn’t enough for you, visitors can upgrade their ticket to an exclusive VIP experience. You’ll have access to the upstairs portion of the mansion where there is a bonus maze called Hell’s Hollow; a self-guided/audio-prompted experience. There is an additional room decked out with objects from the 70s with a tube TV that shows classics from the era. Lastly, there is the Kool-Aid VIP bar where you can drink the night away with exclusively themed cocktails such as “Esther’s Brew” and “Jonestown Punch”. But please, if you’re going to drink the Kool-Aid, please do it after all the experiences.

In conclusion, we enjoyed Delusion: Valley Of Hollows a lot. This is definitely recommended for the haunt-goer that is seeking something more than a haunted maze. This experience definitely gave off a feeling of being inside a “haunted house”. While you wait for your group’s turn to enter; you may feel free to interact with with roaming characters that are part of the Estate, visit the living room which also served as a waiting room that is decked out with usual items from the 70s and replenish yourself with yummy hors d'oeuvres and beverages from the Last Stand Delights food stand. (Can you spot the acronym?)

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